Concierge services for pre-owned & vintage watches in aix en provence


A perfect adaptation to your needs to enjoy your watches through a diagnosis and coaching of your collection.

Mostra offers a concierge service and a watchkeeping service adapted to your needs.

Mostra is able to offer you various care and watch clinic services such as cleaning, polishing, water resistance control, overhaul with changes or restoration of original parts and replacement or adaptation of bracelets.

Mostra is also able to allow you to benefit from heritage services such as obtaining certificates of authenticity from experts or brands and manufacturers or any auction or online sale process. You can also contact us for any certificate of authenticity with the possibility of benefiting from a certificate of authenticity for your luxury or collector's watch, whether modern or vintage. Our teams can also offer you a Watch Certificate electronic certificate of authenticity secured via Blockchain which will allow you to keep the essential data of your collector's watch via personal access and possibly to transmit them to a future buyer when selling your watch. timepiece.

Our teams are also at your disposal to establish a collection diagnosis with additional improvement objectives in order to develop, complete or optimize your heritage through the most dynamic thematic areas or universes according to your instructions or needs.

Mostra is able to find for you the watches that are missing from your collection and help you in the evolution or the sale of your watches through a watchmaking coaching plan adapted to your desires and possibilities.

During your travels or travels, Mostra takes care of keeping it safe and taking care of its maintenance during its stay with us, according to your instructions.

Contact our teams or make an appointment at our premises in Aix en Provence to benefit from an advisory consultation on watchmaking heritage by following this link, or by telephone on +33 (0)4 42 58 72 79 from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.