repair and maintenance of vintage and pre-owned rolex watches

Repair and maintenance of your vintage or modern collection pre-owned watch

Maintain your Watch with our certified and specialized Master Watchmakers brands and vintage collection.
Maintenance of your collector's watches adapted to their specificity

Mostra calls on the skills of master watchmakers and specialist companies depending on the year, brand and model of your watch to guarantee the perfect maintenance of your collector's item.
Monitoring the value of your investment

Our service guarantee is designed to preserve the heritage value of your vintage watch and its perfect working condition with its original parts.

On a technical level, Mostra calls on the skills and certification or approval of master watchmakers and watchmaking companies specializing in the maintenance of second-hand and vintage watches. Sometimes, when possible, Mostra uses the technical services of Marques.

These services include, according to your needs and your agreement:

A mechanical and aesthetic condition report with a review of the value parameters if the watch is vintage or collectible.
    A repair estimate.
    A polishing of the case and the bracelet if necessary.
    Cleaning using special solutions compatible with vintage condition.
    Lubrication of movement components and mechanical wear parts with replacement if the descriptive estimate is validated.
    A review and function tests after overhaul.
    A water resistance test measurement if the watch has this feature.
    A final quality control in respect of the functioning and appearance of your collector's watch with regard to its original condition and the conditions of use that you wish to apply to it.

After the maintenance of your watch by us, a warranty period of 12 months covers the use of your collector's watch for the use considered during the repair estimate.

With Mostra, you are guaranteed to receive and be able to have your watches serviced by the master watchmaker specialist of each brand in the field of vintage or collection and not to risk distorting the value of your watch by replacing a less consistent with its value.