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All our second-hand and collector's watches have undergone a pre-sale authenticity process with passage through our workshops if necessary, details of which are available by referring to our page: purchase guarantee. The purchase invoice gives rise to a twenty-four month guarantee on the functioning of our vintage collection watches.

Mostra certifies and guarantees all its watches: The Mostra guarantee applies not only to the functioning but also to the quality and authenticity of the Watch. Based on the precise description of each watch offered on our website, you can select the watch of your choice and, if you wish, request the expertise and knowledge of our experts, available for you either by email, by telephone or possibly by videoconference.

With for some of them, more than thirty years of experience in the field of second-hand watch sales, expertise in auctions and in collaboration with watch brands via their services Museums, design of models or press department; Mostra-Store is able to guarantee you the best investment for the purchase of your second-hand watches.

Mostra is an authorized distributor of the watch certificate solution, a solution comparable to the gray card of your collector's watch and which certifies its value and authenticity. This solution assists you in the event of theft from the police and insurance.

You can contact us at any time:

    Via our website by contact form by clicking here,
    By e-mail at
    And during our opening hours of our shop in Aix en Provence:
    By phone on +33 (0)4 42 58 72 79
    By videoconference by appointment

The Authenticity Process for a Mostra collector's watch includes several certification stages which break down as follows:

    Assessment of the working condition by our specialized vintage technical center.
    Refurbishment if necessary, by Vintage Master Watchmaker according to the brand, model and age of the watch in question.
    Assessment of its Authenticity with an audit of the various components of the watch by our specialized experts.
    Appraisal of its cosmetic condition by our sellers and replacement if necessary by our specialized vintage technical center.
    Detailed photograph of the watch and registration of the characteristics in our database.
    Verification and evaluation of the watch by our committee of vintage second-hand experts.
    Final control of the quality and characteristics of the watch according to its original criteria before the sale.
    Storage of the watch in ideal conditions depending on the model considered and checking of the condition at regular intervals depending on the place of storage. The purchased watch is covered by a one-year warranty under appropriate use in its condition.

All the different elements of an item sold Full-Set are of course authenticated by our experts and kept with the greatest care in order to send them to you in the best possible state of conservation.

Mostra is therefore able to sell a watch with a full guarantee of authenticity. The numbered and certified Mostra certificate of authenticity included in your purchase documents in addition to the invoice provides, on request, an assessment of the change in value of the watch by comparison with its estimate to date, its coast and the price generally observed on the markets. On request, our concierge service can obtain the certificate of authenticity from the original manufacturer of your timepiece.

For any additional information, we invite you to refer to our general conditions of sale or contact our customer service either by contact form by clicking here, or by e-mail at

If you prefer direct contact with our teams, you can contact them during the opening hours of our offices in Aix-en-Provence by telephone on +33 (0)4 42 58 72 79. Our teams are able to set up a video conference with you by following this link via Whatsapp, but also via Skype, Zoom or Messenger.