guarantee of second-hand and vintage and modern collector's watches mostra

Mostra Watches Sale Guarantee

The purchase invoice gives rise to a twenty-four month guarantee on the functioning of our vintage collection watches. This guarantee which runs from the transfer of ownership is exercised only in our shop, mostra-store (Mostra SAS) will in no case pay an external invoice.

The guarantee of products following a sale applies with regard to appropriate storage by the user and normal use of a vintage collector's watch. This use must correspond to the characteristics and limitations of the watch concerned, and as such fulfill the transport and packaging conditions suitable for the travel of products deemed to be "very fragile".

The warranty for modern or vintage second-hand and collectible watches sold by Mostra applies not only to the functioning but also applies to the authenticity of the Watch. By referring to the precise description of the watches offered on our website, you can select the watch of your choice and, if you wish, request the expertise and knowledge of our experts, available to you either by email , by telephone or possibly by videoconference.

mostra-store will in no case take into account in the guarantee of the products: an accident or manipulation having caused a shock, improper handling, lack of care likely to damage the watch, negligence during the immersion of the watch or its contact with a liquid for non-waterproof watches, exposure to a gas or to temperatures that are not compatible with the normal operating range of a vintage watch, and to a malfunction due to incorrect screwing down of the crown of the watch for waterproof models.

Wear or damage to the battery, bracelet, case, crown, pushers and glass are not covered by the warranty.

In certain cases, and on request, Mostra-Store can guarantee certain models of vintage watches over a longer period than the product guarantee following a sale. In this case, this exceptional guarantee must appear on the purchase invoice of the product and be considered as an extension of guarantee applying only to the duration of the guarantee following a sale.