estimate of your modern or vintage second-hand watch by expert

Have your collector's watch, second-hand modern, vintage or antique appraised remotely. Our experts are available by appointment for any estimate of your watch. Mostra-Store offers you several levels of valuation services ranging from a thirty-minute remote maintenance session to a full expertise on our premises.

For first-level estimates: The thirty-minute session consists of an exchange with a second-hand market expert on the properties and characteristics of your watch in order to determine its current value as accurately as possible on the markets of the second-hand market. 'opportunity. If you wish to sell your watch under the best conditions and at the fairest price, our expert will tell you the procedures to undertake and the precautions and possibilities available to you to sell your watch as well as possible. At the end of this interview, you will receive an electronic document summarizing the exchange which will be used to sell your watch. The payment for this service is made online, to order a first level estimation session

For more complete estimates with photos and certificate of estimate, our experts work either on photos or by video-conference. For this option, the inspection of the watch will be carried out by videoconference via whatsapp, zoom or skype and will be completed by a telephone exchange for a total of approximately 30 minutes at the end of which you will receive a digital certificate and by mail containing the characteristics, the estimate and the photos of your watch. These elements will allow you to keep the essential data that will allow you to sell your watch and in the event of loss or theft to take the various steps with the police or your insurance.

Mostra-Store also offers face-to-face inspection, estimation and expertise services for your watch on our premises. We are available by appointment in Aix en Provence (Marseille region) or in our offices in Paris.

Mostra-Store also offers a complete inspection service accompanied by a Watchcertificate digital certificate which, during an inspection, includes the 45 characteristic points of your watch and allows you to keep this data in a secure digital safe and exclusively accessible by you. in the blockchain. This certificate may be transmitted to the future owner in the context of resale or transfer of your watch to a third party. To order a complete watchcertificate inspection at our premises in Aix en Provence