Expertise pre-owned watch with Watch Certificate™

Watch Certificate TM

If you wish to obtain a certificate of expertise for your old, vintage or collector's watch, Mostra allows you to obtain a certificate which attests to the authenticity and value of your watch. Genuine digital identity card for your second-hand watch, Watch Certificate TM. is an offer of expertise accessible at any time that supports you with your insurance or the police in the event of theft or loss of your watch.

Consult our teams or our experts to make an appointment at our premises in Aix en Provence to have your modern or new second-hand collector's watch appraised.

Watch CertificateTM. is a tamper-proof solution that allows you to keep the characteristics of your watch in a secure digital form that can be transmitted using blockchain technology. This form, to which only you have access, will be kept in a digital safe and you will be able to transfer it to a third party if you sell your watch.

Watch CertificateTM. is a process of expertise comprising forty-three control points. It is certified by and authenticated by a pool of experts certified and attached to courts and courts of appeal. The documents provided following an expert appraisal will help you with the possible resale of your watch.