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the us army 1943 watch and matt Damon, George Clooney, Bill Murray in monument men.

a watch, a film… Bulova us army 1943 watch and matt Damon, George Clooney, Bill Murray in monument men.

If it’s a question of designating the emblematic watch of the American forces of the second world war, the Cal-10 hack-watch model (still designated a-10) manufactured by Bulova, Hamilton or Elgin will arrive at the top of the list without hesitation for the category land forces military watches.

Indeed, these watches produced in large quantities the day after the Japanese attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor (December 4, 1941) were distributed to all the battlefields of the Second World War. These watches, already in use in the United States Army since 1935, will equip all the GIs of the US Army and the US Marine Corps in the Pacific as well as all the ground and airborne troops on the European front.

In the film Monuments men, the Bulova a-10 first appears on Matt Damon’s wrist, who plays in the film the role of James Granger (a character who relates the life of James Rorimer) and who was one of the pillars of the unit of the US Army Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives program, a group of arts experts enlisted in the US infantry to recover and preserve works of art stolen by the Nazis during the occupation of Europe.

Also shown in equipment in the parachute units, it is also not uncommon to see it on the wrist of many actors like John Wayne in the film the longest day or on the wrists of the actors of the series Band of brothers which relates the history of the easy company of the troops of the 101st US airborne division engaged in the reconquest of Europe against the forces of the axis.

The Bulova a-10 can be seen throughout Monument Men on the vast majority of the main actors, George Clooney, Bill Murray, (a point should be noted on the tremendous work of preparation of the props of this film since the actor British Hugh Bonneville who interprets a soldier of the British army integrated in the mission of safeguarding works of art, wears a cyma dirty dozen of the British troops, (the watch in equipment at the time for the forces of the commonwealth) George Clooney , director of this film, fine connoisseur and passionate about watches and watchmaking is surely no stranger to this perfection in the historical reconstruction of the uniforms and accessories of this production..

bulova cal-10 ord dept 1943

bulova cal-10 ord dept 1943

the watch most seen in the WW II european battlefield

cyma dirty dozen broad arrow 1940

cyma dirty dozen broad arrow 1940

the churchill military watch of the british & commonwealth during WW 2